[take me to london]: me, myself, & the insiders.

so, if you follow me on IG, you’ll know I just got back from two weeks across the pond. the reason: work, not play (although, it was non-stop fun in and out of the office).

the first half of the trip was filled with meetings and presentations, but the second... now, that was all about my ASOS Insider team! 🙌  all of the international guys and girls invaded london to shoot our new profile pictures, check out the fresh styles dropping in the coming months, and enjoy our time together as a fam. and while we're on that last point, we spent our team day at graffik gallery off of portobello road—needless to say, it was a ton of fun.

the guys at the studio gave us an awesome tour of the gallery, including a look at an original banksy that was done on the outside of their building and a sneak peek at their upcoming exhibit. from there, we got an exclusive graffiti class where we went through spray paint 101 and got to take a crack at creating our own stencils—I went with a pretty familiar image, haha.

once we finished our masterpieces, a couple of us roamed the streets of the neighborhood looking for the perfect places to get a few photos—we’re content creators, after all. It's what we do. -j